Heart & Body Coherence Workshop

July 10th & 11th
10 am – 5 pm both days
Cost $230.00

Taught by Marianne Schneider and Evon Eisenberg


This is a weekend workshop for the alignment of your contentment, happiness, health and prosperity.  Through the use of sound, crystals, meditation, breath and knowledge, activate, align and bring a greater unity into all levels of your being and all aspects of your life.

In this weekend intensive, we will work with with the astronomical alignment of the natural world we create Heart and Body Coherence.  By doing this We will help you to cultivate “your dreams come true” within:
mind – clear thoughts, body – harmonious health, spirit – divine connection, emotions – intuitive knowing and
energetic – wholeness with all.

Things you will learn:
Heart & Brain Coherence – Through the use of a particular breath we will bring you back to your grounded, aligned self.

How to find peace in mind and body through heart brain coherence.  Working with the earth star, root and sacral to come out of survival.

Through the strength of your being (solar plexus) and the power of your words (throat), we will bring in “will & communication” to allow for harmony in your inner and outer worlds.

Alignment with Source and coming into understanding of wholeness.  Finding the door even when you can not see that one exists.

Activating the radio receiver of the pineal gland.  Understanding the heart & mind coherence and the “intelligence” of our whole being.  Coming into alignment with your dreams come true and the frequency of wholeness.

What you will receive:
A set of crystals, corresponding to the energy centers, to be programed by you, with your dreams and desires.

A knowledge base to access and maintain this on your own.

2 types of breath to help you stay in alignment and wholeness.

Several crystal bowl frequency healing meditations to instill the knowingness of the work on all levels.

An unedited recording of the class.

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