New moon energy is a time of growing, expanding, and coming to fullness.  It is the perfect time to write down our intentions for what we want to create in the next lunar cycle. (28 days)

Why do we want to set intentions with the lunar cycles?  Think about how the moon affects the ocean.  How it has an ebb and flow of tides because of the moons pull.  Our bodies are 70% water, so think about how the moon affects us as well!

New Moon and Manifestation: A How to Guide.

  1. During the first 3 days of the new moon, take time to sit quietly and think about what it is you want to create over the next month.  What do you want to bring into your life or what do you already have that you want to create more of?
  1. Write down what it is that you want.  Feel free to draw pictures, symbols, color, whatever it is that will get the intention across for you.  The piece of paper can be as big or as small as you want it.  It can be any color you want it to be.
  1. Somewhere on your paper or at the end of your last statement write: “To the highest good with blessings to all.”
  1. The take your piece of paper and fold it 3 times length ways and 3 times long ways.  You can say while you are doing this if you choose, “by the power of 3 x 3 this or something better.”
  1. If you have Reiki, infuse the piece of paper with Reiki energy.  If you don’t have Reiki, rub your hands together to create an energy ball and put an intention of growing and abundance into the piece of paper.
  1. Then place your paper where you can read it often.  If you are trying to bring more money into your life, place it in your wallet and read it each time you take money out or put money in.  If you are trying to bring in love or happiness place it in your pocket or if you are a woman put in your bra to keep it close to heart, remembering to read it often.  You can also place it on your bedside table or wherever you would like.  The key is to read it often.

Things to remember:

  1.  You can’t control anyone else or make others do things.  (hence using our saying “to the highest good with blessings to all”)
  1. You want to try and keep what you want to create to just a couple things.  You can put many things, but think about it this way: Is it easier to put your energy towards two things or 10 things?  Same works for God/Universal energy.
  1. You can write your intentions at any time during New moon, however the closer you are to the actual new moon the more potent the energy will be and the more time you will have to bring your manifestation to fruition.