Crystal Reiki Training – Level 1

Crystal Reiki Training Level 1

You must have taken any type of  level 1 Reiki

to take this Crystal Reiki Course.

My experience with the crystal reiki training and working with Marianne was more than I expected. I’ve had a few amazing reiki and crystal reiki session with Marianne so I had an idea what I we might learn, but the energy of the crystals just exploded in class , I highly recommend for anyone drawn to crystal energy, and the least bit interested in learning more about it, to just allow yourself to DO IT! 

My attunement experience was the icing on the cake! I realize each attunement builds on the previous one and this one did not let me down, it was so much more powerful, wakening and elevating for me. I am so excited to share my crystal reiki treatments with the anyone interested. 

The combination of reiki energy and crystal energy is something EVERYONE should at least experience, if not learn. – April M. Incline Village, NV

In this Crystal Reiki Training class you will use reiki and up to 46 healing crystals laid out in grid formations depending on what the client is in need of.  Crystal Reiki Healing balances Chakras, Aura, Mental & Emotional bodies, transmutes anger, fear, sadness, guilt, shame and much more on a different level than traditional reiki.

Why Crystal Reiki?  By using the crystals it adds another dimension to the healing.  Each stone becomes attuned to be little reiki master’s!  When you add yourself as a practitioner plus 46 healing reiki master crystals it brings a unique healing dynamic.

You will receive your own Reiki Crystal Kit a value of $200 +.   You will learn how to program and work with the crystals, exploring “earth healing concepts”.  You will learn the healing properties of each crystal and why they are important.  In the attunement process you will be attuned and aligned to your crystals and gemstones “activating your bio-crystalline cells”.   Building and strengthening your intuition throughout the class, you will also be given new symbols to work with, which will begin to “align you with Lemurian frequencies.” “The symbols, which are of Lemurian origin were transmitted to Laurelle Shanti Gaia during a series of meditations, prayer sessions and crystalline journeys.” – Peace Place

You will also learn 3 healing grids to be used in sessions during this Crystal Reiki Course:

Mental, Emotional Cleansing and Re-patterning Layout using crystals, reiki and affirmations to change patterns on a cellular level.

Basic Chakra Layout – to balance and activate the chakras and whole body.

A layout to clear the Aura and Strengthen the Etheric Field – Bringing harmony to all levels of your being while bringing in strength to the mental and emotional.

(Each layout can do much more.  These are basic definitions.)

Lastly, we will teach you how to make your own personal healing/manifesting grids for yourself, friends and family.

“Learning the modalities taught in this class instigated great energy shifts within myself. It built a bridge between my previous individual practices with both reiki and crystals. I feel like now I have a deeper understanding of both (reiki and crystals), which I can now use together with more powerful results.” – Lara M. Truckee, CA

The class is taught by Marianne Schneider.  She studied Crystal Reiki Healing with Laurelle Shanti Gaia in Sedona Arizona at Peace Place over a 2 year period.

The total investment for this class is $540

A $175.00 non-refundable deposit is due 3 weeks before to reserve your spot.  Please click here to pay your deposit.