AmpCoil at Reiki Tahoe & Fifth Element Healing Center

The AmpCoil is a Tesla-based PEMF delivery system+ powerful app.  PEMF stands for Pulsed Electromagnetic Fields, which are healthy energy fields. These along with Sound and Vibration are used to improve circulation and cell metabolism.


The AmpCoil is modern sound technology, which uses PEMF wave therapy and a voice-guided, biofeedback app, called BetterGuide. BetterGuide then utilizes its extensive mathematical algorithms to play back your personalized frequency tones, emitting them deeply into the cells of the body. This safe PEMF process uses a modified Tesla Coil and an amplifier, acting similarly to a high-powered tuning fork for your body. The result is that the human biology quickly begins to return to the balanced and harmonized state that nature intended. And it’s safe for everyone!

The above information has been shared with permission from the AmpCoil Website and is copyright by AmpCoil. 

“I went all in with the 12-session Amp Coil cleanse and couldn’t recommend it enough! Through the voice analysis, I was able to see which organs needed a “boost” as well as which bugs/viruses were most problematic during that time. Over the course of the 4 weeks, we targeted the main culprits, and I was shocked to see just how much lower they scored (via voice analysis) by the end of my cleanse period. I look forward to using AmpCoil for one-off nutrition boosts in the future, as well as another cleanse, to keep my health (and healing!) on the fast track. To learn more, I highly recommend checking out this podcast:

The science speaks for itself! Thank you Marianne for bringing this technology to your practice!” – G.S. – Squaw Valley, CA

AmpCoil at Reiki Tahoe Offerings:

AmpCoil Demo-Harmonizer Boost for $60.00

1 hour Boost Session $60.00 – Choose from – Brain Reboot, Nutrition Boost, Deep Sleep, Balance the Mind and more.

To Add an AmpCoil Boost to any session, add $15

We also offer, 1 month AmpCoil rentals. Please inquire.

To inquire about our cleanse protocols, please email or call us.

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