Gr8-Full Heart

This 9-day channeled meditation series starts with and grows with the 4th energy center of the heart.  We will be tapping into those things that make us happy and allows gratitude to bloom forth from our heart. This brings connection within the body, mind and spirit creating consciousness, expansion, and passion with the energy of Love. 


Each day we will add in an additional energy center aligning our survival and passion with personal power, thoughtful mind, expression, and wholeness all balanced with the love and gratitude that streams from our heart.

By bringing the heart center into coherence with the rest of the energy centers this allows for alliance between the divine self and the human self.

“I Loved the Grateful Heart series, it has really helped me heal my heart. I can’t wait for the next series to come along, as I continue on my journey incorporating meditation into my daily life now.”

J.H. – New York

Online Video Series

Each video was channeled by Marianne and Evon specifically for this series. Once we receive your order, you will have access to each video. Please allow 72 hours to receive you confirmation email with access.

Day 1: Heart Centered Connection – Opening to love and gratitude to raise your vibration and this important bridge for your whole system.

Day 2: Heart Center and Grounding/Creativity – we will tap into the gratitude for that which connects us to earth life force which in turn connects us to our personal prana.  Being grateful that we can anchor our spiritual self into physical reality.

Day 3: Heart Center to Security and Safety – Joining the appeared separation to create the gratitude for the happiness of life. Grateful for our ability to safely feel,  to assimilate the love for ourselves and know security within our self.

Day 4: Heart Center and Personal Power – Coming into congruence of with loving our ability to feel confident and stand in our self-worth.  Loving all aspects of being.

Day 5: Heart Center and Expression – Being able to speak our truth from a loving place and being grateful that we can. 

Day 6: Heart Center and Divine Mind our ability to see the beyond big picture and gratitude for the connection to intuition, imagination our spiritual awareness.

Day 7: Heart Center and the Opening of Self and Source The crown energy center where we feel gratitude for the doorway to inner beauty and universal consciousness.

Day 8: Heart Center and Cosmic Portal Connecting to the quantum field where all is possible. The harmonic resonance of love and gratitude envelope our whole energy signature for a transcendental experience.

Day 9: Multi-dimensional coherence Joining in recognition and in thanks aligning emotions, passion, respect, intelligence, cherishment, safety and expansion as we feel the fullness of the love and appreciation for all that we are, all the can be and all that is.

This online video series is free!  Please visit the Fifth Element Healing Center You Tube channel here.