Angelic Reiki Training Level 1 & 2

Angelic Reiki Training Level 1 & 2

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Taught by: Marianne Schneider & Evon Eisenberg

 You can register by paying your deposit here: Register Here

Become an Angelic Energy Practitioner

This 3-day workshop is taught to give an introduction to the Angels, Ascended Masters, Galactic Beings and the system known as Angelic Reiki Energy Practitioner. It offers hands on experience into every level of your being, and the opportunity to work with the angelic realm like never before. Not only is this a class to learn, but it is a class to transform.

The Angelic Reiki Energy Practitioner workshop gifts you with:

  • Multiple attunements and cleansings through the Angels, Ascended Masters and Galactic Healers.

  • Your own Archangelic Orb of Protection.

  • Cleansing of densities, distortions, static, societal and world imprints.

  • Activation to the Tree of Life.

  • Awakening of Soul Star, Earth Star, Higher Heart, and all energy centers.

  • Divine Sanction from the Angels, Ascended Masters, and Galactic Healers.

  • Downpouring of Light Codes and initiations.

  • A complete Karmic clearing and I AM Affirmations prior to each attunement.

  • Full attunement to Angelic Reiki Energy levels 1 & 2.

  • The symbols given are activated through the multi dimensional levels and form.

  • Hands on experience of channeling reiki healing energy, with the Angels, Ascended Masters and Galactic’s.

  • These healings include but are not limited to: Multi-dimensional, Past Life, Self Healing, Distance with special consideration for treating children, animals and pregnant woman.

  • Instruction for practicalities of a session.

  • A Light Code Crystal to hold the frequencies of the angelic kingdom of light (yours to keep).

  • Techniques to harmonize tools and spaces.

  • A comprehensive practitioner’s manual.

  • Certificate of training to Angelic Reiki Energy Practitioner.

Marianne’s Experience after taking Angelic Reiki Training Level’s 1 & 2:

“My experience when I took Angelic Reiki Energy Practitioner training was amazing. I walked away on an energetic high for several months, that showed in all areas of my life! It was exhilarating to say the least. I opened up in ways that I did not know I was capable of.  

My practice of Reiki, meditation and daily intention grew even deeper. I was able to connect in, to the universe/divine, in completely new ways and I felt a clarity that I had not felt before.” – Marianne Schneider of Reiki Tahoe – Fifth Element Healing Center and one of your teachers for this class.

Angelic Reiki training is a stand alone class. Meaning, you do not have to have any prior Reiki experience. It is a new journey that you will bring yourself on, learning to not only work on yourself but others as well. I hope that you will join us for this wonderful weekend of exploration. 

The Class investment is $555 or $500 cash or check.   Each day, fresh organic snacks and light dinner will be provided.  There will be time during the day to break for lunch.  You may bring your own or there are plenty of yummy places to eat in the area.

Class times are as follows:  Friday 3pm – 6pm, Saturday & Sunday 10am – 6pm 

Deposit for this class is $155.00 .   This is a non-refundable deposit.  When you give your deposit, you are making a commitment to us and we are making a commitment to you. We begin to tune in to what you need for this class and hold space for you.  We create your manual, updating to the new energies of each class.  You may begin to feel shifts as soon as you make the commitment, as the Angelic realm will already start to work with you.

You can register by paying your deposit here: Register Here
Please note: When you register, it will be through Fifth Element Healing Center
For more information, please call or text Marianne 530-448-4220 or Evon 530-227-2374  or you can send an email to or