“I feel loose and relaxed.  Kind of like taking a weight off your shoulders, mentally.” – James Kings Beach

What is Reiki?

The word Reiki translates to, Rei – Universal, Ki – Energy.  A Reiki practitioner is a conduit for the Reiki energy to flow through.  By placing their hands on or above a person’s body, they can move old, stagnant energy or blockages out of the body while putting new flowing universal energy in.  Reiki can help on all levels, physical, emotional, mental and spiritual.

What can a Reiki energy healing  session do for me?

Reiki can balance your whole body.  Whether you are dealing with a major disease such as cancer, sports injury, pain in the body, depression, or stress at work, Reiki can help you.  When we are “balanced” and “grounded” we are able to respond to situations instead of react.  We are able to go through out our day without bumping into things or  dropping things.  We are able to think clearly and get things done.  We are able to “FEEL” good in our bodies as well as confident in who we are.  Reiki helps to do this.  It brings all levels: physical, emotional, spiritual and mental into balance, therefore helping us BE in “optimal health.”


What things does Reiki treat?

Depression, anxiety, anger, fear, trauma, mental overwhelm, stress, pain, and chronic issues just to name a few.

Reiki is included and is the main part of all services provided by Reiki Tahoe.  Please see the Energy Services link to learn more.

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What is a blockage or blocks of energy?

As human’s we can hold blockages in our bodies leaving us in a state of Dis-Ease.  Dis-Ease is a state of unbalance or dis-harmony.  On a daily basis we strive for balance and optimal health.

Optimal health brings harmony to the physical, mental and emotional aspects of our health.  Pain, dis-ease of any kind, imbalances and emotions are all blocks. Reiki can help you relieve blockages by bringing the body back into balance and harmony.

What is energy and does everyone feel it?

Humans are energy.  We have cells and synapses that fire and move whether we are standing still or active.  Our bodies are constantly moving from the inside out.  Energy is everywhere.  Have you ever walked into a room full of laughing people and immediately “felt” your mood improve or smiled to yourself?  That is an example of feeling energy flowing from the people in the room to you.

Yes everyone can feel energy, but some people are more attuned to it then others.

A Brief Reiki History

Reiki was re-discovered in the early 1900’s by Dr. Usui.  He opened a clinic in Japan where he did Reiki healing’s.  Dr.Hayashi, a trained Navy doctor, was taught Reiki by Usui, and asked to put into words a system of how Reiki treatments work.  Mrs. Takata a patient who had been diagnosed with a tumor, gallstones, appendicitis and asthma was treated at Dr. Hayashi’s clinic and after 4 months of Reiki, she was cured of all her ailments.  She then stayed to learn Reiki and work in the clinic, eventually returning to Hawaii to share and spread the healing practice Reiki.  (This is a very brief history of Reiki. For more information you can go to

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