Introduction to Energy for Kid’s

Introduction to Energy for Kid’s

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Is your child sensitive?  So were we as children.   We were “Sensitive”.  We were actually sensitive to the energies and the emotions around us.  We felt anything and everything, to which we as children reacted and usually not in a healthy way.  Who are “we”, “we” are your teachers for this class.  Marianne Schneider and Evon Eisenberg.

The list of sensitivities can be long and varies. One minute a happy child, the next crying at the drop of a hat.  Does your child get angry at seemingly nothing?  Are they constantly sick, or cry so hard that they make themselves ill. Have you ever watched your child think themselves sick?  Digestive issues, sensitive stomach or lots of tummy aches are all symptoms of being “sensitive”.

Think back to times in your life when you have been sick, and think about if there has been an emotional component that came along with it, or right before it.

How many times in your life have you held your tongue and not said something only to end up with either a sore throat, upset stomach or constipated because you swallowed your words?

In this 2 day class your child will learn how to work harmoniously with the energies around them and within them.

Some of the topics to be covered:

Grounding– Like a tree or a rock.  Bubbling – Learning how to stay clear of other people’s energy.  Great balls of fire – How to focus energy using their hands.  Earth, air, fire & water – Exploring the elements & how to work with them in daily life to help them stay balanced and centered.

This class is for children ages 5 to 12

Class will be held:

At 5th Element Healing Center in Kings Beach, CA

To register your child for this class please contact us at Please note you will be registering through 5th Element Healing Center.

This is a pre-requisite for Reiki Kid’s level 1 Reiki.