Energy Healing

Energy Healing Sessions  

“Now I feel mentally and emotionally stable and my mind is more clear.  I’m more in the moment.” – Paola, Kings Beach

Come experience a transformational Energy Healing Session.   During the session, Marianne blends, Usui, Angelic, Crystal and Holy Fire Reiki’s, along with Conscious Healing, BodyTalk Access, Shamanic healing, channeling and intuition, to create a unique experience, each and every time.  (please click on the links to learn more about each healing tool.)

Each Energy Healing session is tailored to the individual client and what they need at the time of the session; the session may include all of the above methods or just some of them.

“I was surprised at the depth of relaxation I achieved.  The only other times I reach this, is sometimes during deep tissue massage, (only if I feel connected to the body worker) and acupuncture.– Heather, Truckee

In this session, all you have to do is receive.  Allowing yourself to surrender into a relaxed and safe state.

Using her hands as the conduit for the energy to flow, Marianne moves the energy in and around the body.   Emotions, blockages or stagnant energy can be transmuted, transformed and cleared.  These sessions can help ease the release of pain, emotions and tension. You can work on old patterns and timelines, releasing that which no longer serves you.  This will happen not only at the mental and emotional levels,  but also the spiritual and cellular levels.

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