Conscious Healing

Conscious Healing – Stephen Barr Technique

Conscious Healing can help to clear:

  • Drug clearing – past or present prescription and non-prescription
  • Conscious & sub-conscious emotions and/or memories
  • Traumas, Fears, Grief & Pain

Using Acupressure points, Reiki, & Chakra clearings, we can address different issues at the root & core.  By doing this the client is left feeling lighter and more complete.   It can provide a change in perspective and allow the client to feel whole again.

When a drug clearing is done, a release of all drugs that have ever been put into the body occurs.  If a client is currently taking prescriptions to help with an issue, a drug clearing can help clear side effects and allow the drug to perform better.

With emotional release of trauma or fears we work with both the conscious and subconscious minds, getting down to the root of the issue.  This is a gentle yet effective technique in releasing old patterns and creating space for positive new ones.




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