Raindrop Reiki Massage

Raindrop Reiki Massage

“I enjoy the raindrop reiki massage therapy because not only do you get intangible relief, such as redirecting good & bad energy, but you also get tangible relief, aromatherapy plus a light massage.” – James Kings Beach, CA

Raindrop Reiki works on many levels to bring balance and harmony to the body. In this hour and a half long treatment you will be in a state of complete relaxation and bliss.  Improving muscle tension, mental chatter, emotional & energetic blockages, Raindrop Reiki allows you to melt away as you fill with the light and energy of Reiki.

In this version of Raindrop technique from Young Living, Marianne uses Reiki; light massage on the feet and the back; 9 essential oils; hot compresses and a relaxing environment, to bring balance and harmony to you mind, body and soul.

Every muscle, nerve blood vessel and energy system emanates from the spine. Raindrop activates release in deep yet gentle and supported ways balancing the body and preventing dis-ease.

Raindrop uses 9 specific essential oils on the feet and along the spine. They are worked in gently using Reiki and light pressure with the pads of the fingers. This helps the body to ease the release of viruses, correct body alignment and clear the energy centers.

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