Setting Intentions

Each day, I start by doing what I call “opening space”.  I invite in the energies of the four directions and set my intentions for the day.  I do this so that I have taken a moment to stop, think about what I want to create, breathe and listen to spirit.

On the days I forget to do this, because those days do happen, I notice my day may not run as smooth and things don’t always seem to flow right.

Here is an example of what I do.  Either sitting or standing, I close my eyes and I breathe, I take a minute to clear my mind and tune out the world.  I come into my center and I let things flow.

Note: I have been trained in the four elements and directions so this is what I use as a guideline.  I’ll share with you later on how to do it without training in this area.

I start in the East – I call in the east for my breathe, which brings me clarity and allows me to respond instead of react.  That allows me to have the perfect words at the perfect time.  Which allows me to listen to spirit, for myself and those whom I help today.  To the highest good, with blessings to all.

From the South – I call in love, laughter, playfulness, passion for all that i do in my day.  Sparkles that radiate from

the inside out for the world to see.  To the highest good with blessings to all.

From the West – I call in the my intuition, that i may be able to hear it and trust it.  I ask to go with the flow and let go of the way I think things should be, so they can be the best they can be.  To the highest good, with blessings to all.

From the North – I call in a happy healthy body.  I connect down to the earth for support and nurturing and I connect up to the heavens for spirit love and light.  To the highest good, with blessings to all.

I call in the male and the female in balance, harmony joy and bliss.  I call in partnership and open honest communication.  To the highest good, with blessings to all.

I then go on to invite in dive help from various areas and over it all up for the welfare of all beings everywhere.

It can take me two minutes; it can take me 10 minutes.  I can do it with my eyes closed or my eyes open.  I can do it while at work, at home, walking or driving.  It all depends on my time and what I would like to call in for that day.  Sometimes each day is similar most days there are specific things for that day only.

Based on what you have read above try it out for yourself.  Next time we will go into more detail on how to simply set your intentions without use of the four directions.