This seems to keep coming up in sessions that I give lately.  What is forgiveness?  Is it saying that what someone did was right or wrong?  No, I believe forgiveness is giving ourselves permission to move forward freely.  It allows us to free ourselves from things, people, situations that have been holding us back.

When we are able to forgive others, it is then that we can forgive ourselves.  Why is it important to forgive ourselves?  It is a choice WE have made to hold ill will towards another.  If we look in the mirror what is it that we see?  We are all reflections of each other.  Something that we can’t forgive in others is surly, if we look deep enough something that we can’t forgive in ourselves.  As I said above when we can forgive others, we can then forgive ourselves.

Exercises to help in forgiveness:  Write a letter to the person who you think has wronged you.  Tell them exactly how you feel, get it all out of your head and on to paper.  When you are done, take that letter tear it up and do one of the following: Burn it to the highest good, bury it to the highest good, tear it up and throw it away to the highest good or tear it up and flush it down the toilet to the highest good.

By getting it out of your mind, it helps to get it out of your heart and your body therefore allowing you to take the next step of forgiveness.

As always, to the highest good and with blessings to all.