Originally published in the Sierra Sun April 11th 2012.  Updated February 13th, 2018

Is your child sensitive? This was me as a child. I was “Sensitive”. I was actually sensitive to the energies and the emotions around me. I felt anything and everything, to which I reacted and usually not in a healthy way. The list of sensitivities can be long and varies. One minute a happy child, the next crying at the drop of a hat.  Does your child get angry at seemingly nothing?  Are they constantly sick, or cry so hard that they make themselves ill. Have you ever watched your child think themselves sick?  Digestive issues, sensitive stomach or lots of tummy aches are all symptoms of being “sensitive”.  Think back to times in your life when you have been sick, and think about if there has been an emotional component that came along with it.

Our children are still innocent and pure, they have not had the no’s, the cant’s, and the should not’s in life. They are just going along learning and “experiencing”. Kids feel everything, and some more than others. They take on things that are not their own because they have not been taught the tools to do otherwise.

As children and adults, we can make ourselves ill by the things we think and feel. The word disease is “dis” “ease”, which translates literally to not being at ease.  When we are uneasy what happens?  I know what happens.  A lot of time was focused on being sick to my stomach by the emotions that I felt as a child.  I swallowed other people’s words, and my own only to end up with numerous sore throats.

How many times in your life have you held your tongue and not said something only to end up with either a sore throat, upset stomach or constipated because you swallowed your words? As a way to cope with my “sensitivity”, I spent most of my time spaced out, daydreaming and unable to concentrate.  I was put on Ritalin to help me concentrate.  If they only knew that all I had to do was learn to be grounded, to be present in my body.  I wouldn’t have had to take all those pills!

This all continued into my early 20’s, until I really started to learn about energy, Reiki and how to harmoniously live with the energies that surround me. As an adult I use the energies around me to help me stay grounded. But what is being grounded? It is the feeling of being really present in your day and your body.  Breathing is an example of grounding.  You know, take a deep breath and count to ten; it is a general starting point for grounding.  Most of us live our lives in a clumsy, not being able to think clearly, bumping into things, forgetting things way.  We are so OVER stimulated between work/homework, cell phone, computer, TV, Facebook, friends and on and on that we are not present in our-self.
As an adult who was a “sensitive” child I am excited along with Brooke Butler RMT to share our knowledge to help kids be more healthy and productive in their lives.

On February 22nd & 24th we will be teaching a Kids Introduction to Energy.  During the introduction to energy we will teach your children how to live harmoniously with the energies around them. We will be teaching them practical every day tools to help them. Included will be: how to be grounded, how to shield or bubble, how to focus energy to help themselves & others plus much more!

Kids need these tools as much as adults. To help them concentrate. To enable them to help themselves when they are in uncomfortable situations and mom & dad aren’t around.  To teach them how to deal with emotions in a healthy way therefore preventing them from making themselves sick from it.  Being sensitive is not a problem, it’s a gift. Let’s enable our children to be happy, healthy, and grounded kids.

For more information on Introduction to Energy for Kids please click here: https://reikitahoe.com/reiki-energy-classes-lake-tahoe/kids-energy-classes/