We are living in interesting times these days. There are events and people in the world who make us question humanity. They make us question who we are and how could we be part of someone or something who acts out of anger, hatred or other low vibrations. They make us feel the separateness in the world. How can we, all be part of something greater, yet think so differently from one another. Act so differently than one another.


As those who walk a spirit led path, we are taught that oneness is ecstasy. To be that connected in with source and all that is. Don’t get me wrong, it is ecstasy. However, we are living in a 3D reality in which we are here to experience a wide range of emotions. We are here to experience the highs and the lows. We are here to transcend back to this state of “oneness” from the idea of separateness.

More often than not, in this reality, we come from a place of separateness. Every time we choose anger, we have separated ourselves from those we are angry at. This separateness makes us think that we are different, that we are better because we don’t act that way. The funny thing is, that we have this illusion within our anger that we are connected to those who also choose to be angry along with us. We think, because we commiserate with others who are also angry that we are coming together.

Think about how you feel when you are angry. You feel hot, bothered, like everything sucks and no one could possibly truly understand what you are feeling. You are separated from everyone and everything, even those who are angry alongside of you. Your heart feels closed and hard. Your chest feels tight and your stomach hurts.
However, when we choose love, every part of love, giving it and receiving it. when we choose to keep our hearts open and embrace the world around us. We feel connected, we feel like we can make a difference, we feel hope for humanity and we feel that oneness.

There can be no darkness if there is even just one spark of light. Remember that statement… There can be no darkness if there is even just one spark of light! Think about that… I know that I can be a spark of light. I can shine brightly, so that others anger and sadness, melts away in my presence. I can choose to continue on the path of love because as long as just one person can hold that light, then there is still hope for a better world. There is still hope that love will transcend. There is still a knowing that things will get better.

Be that spark of light for those around you. Stand up for love. Reflect what you would like your world to be. Like those who have stood up before you: Gandhi, Martin Luthur King, Mother Theresa and so many more who chose to embrace love.

In love and light,